Cultivating the Wildness Within

The author recounts two decades of woods wandering and soul-searching in the wake of a solo immersion in the Alaskan bush. These interwoven and deeply personal essays explore one man’s wild urges, as well as the wildness he finds in family and friends, while considering the various ways in which humankind as a whole engages and disengages from the natural world. (Red Dragonfly Press, 2016) 173 pages, paperback

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The Unexpected Trail: Taking on the 100 Mile Wilderness

The 100 Mile Wilderness, located in northern Maine, is the most remote section of the Appalachian Trail. With a German shepherd dog named Matika for company and a heavy backpack on his shoulders, McLaughlin reflects upon the evolution of the trail, as well as the history and politics of the region, while traversing mountain ranges, fording rivers, and slogging through bogs. (Wood Thrush Books, 2015) 166 pages, paperback

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The Allure of Deep Woods: Backpacking the Northville/Placid Trail

A detailed account of a solitary trek along the Northville-Placid Trail, which meanders for 125 miles through some of the wildest, most remote backcountry of the Adirondacks. While skirting ponds, crossing bogs, and tramping through sprawling, rain-soaked forests during the waning days of summer, the author reflects upon the region’s history, the origins of the wilderness preservation movement, and the importance of wildness to well being. (North Country Books, 2013) 150 pages, paperback

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Forest under my Fingernails: Reflections and Encounters on the Long Trail

A brief history of the trail, along with natural history and philosophical speculation, are woven into this narrative about backpacking Vermont’s Long Trail end-to-end in early summer. In addition to the flora and fauna, the author describes a few of the colorful characters also encountered along the way. (Wood Thrush Books, 2013) 156 pages, paperback

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Arguing with the Wind: A Journey into the Alaskan Wilderness

What begins as a wilderness dream quickly becomes a gut-wrenching challenge to the author’s most cherished beliefs, when the bush plane leaves and he’s left alone in a remote corner of Southeast Alaska to fend for himself. This taut narrative recounts one man’s two-week sojourn in a harsh yet beautiful place, where brown bears, bald eagles and ravens teach the ways of the wild. (Wood Thrush Books, 2010) 150 pages, paperback

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