Jun 26 2013

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The First Day Lily

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first day lilyDespite my poor gardening skills and general negligence, the day lilies that grow in front of my house do quite well every year. The first one opened today, bright and cheery enough to overrule the dark clouds that ushered in a thunderstorm this morning.

While I was on the road yesterday, showing my book to store owners, I couldn’t help but notice the deep, rich smell of the Vermont countryside – a luxuriant blend of pollen, forest humus, and happy vegetation. Recent rains have intensified it. The word “lush” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on these days. The growing season has kicked into high gear.

What a pleasant surprise to discover this explosion of color in my yard at the start of the day! I am astounded by this overt display of earthly delight. Who can love nature and hate summer?


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  1. Bob Stantonon 28 Jun 2013 at 7:38 am 1

    Something in me must be hardwired regarding the color orange; flame azaleas and day lillies are two of my favorites. This is a magical time of year. Now if I can catch a trout on a dry fly today, the world will truly be in balance.