Mar 04 2014

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Cabin Fever

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Sheldon woodsIt has been a long winter, colder than any in memory, and I have a case of cabin fever that won’t quit. That’s why I went out this morning after a round of writing, despite the fact that it got down to 3 below zero last night. By the time I’d pulled on several layers of wool clothing and had slipped out the door, it was 10 above zero. Still very cold for early March, but it would have to do.

Matika was as happy as I was to get out of the house. She ran circles around me as I tramped a hard-packed trail cutting through the woods. She disappeared momentarily. When I found her she was chewing on the bones of a deer that hadn’t survived the winter.

The tracks of several other wild animals crisscrossed the trail. This time of year, they could only be doing one thing: looking for food.  That made me realize just how easy I have it. Grumble all I want about this long, cold season, at least I’m well fed.

The fresh air, bright sunlight, and forest silence work wonders on me regardless of the time of year, no matter what the thermometer says. It was good getting out this morning, and I was just a little disappointed when I’d finished the loop and had returned to the car. So soon?  Not the daylong excursion that I so desperately need, but good enough for now.

Patience, patience. Spring isn’t far away. In a few more weeks, Matika and I will be slogging through cold mud. Then we’ll be in our glory.



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  1. Deb Wingerton 05 Mar 2014 at 8:50 pm 1

    Dug my car out of the latest snow and did the 15 mile drive up to Lake Erie to check on the eagle’s nests along the backwaters and the shore yesterday. Activity around 8 out of the 10. Have been worried about this year’s hatch with cold, snow, lack of prey, etc. 2 Snowy owls are at the local rehab center this winter. Hoping for a gradual spring. Hang in there, Walt!